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The Donovan Index identifies the most successful franchises in individual sports.

Basketball Top 10: (By DI score for teams with at least two BAA/NBA/ABA championships.)

Team Logo CPS Score
 1. Minneapolis Lakers* Minneapolis Lakers logo 6/69/13 5.31
 2. Los Angeles Lakers Los Angeles Lakers logo 11/278/58 4.79
 3. Boston Celtics Boston Celtics logo 17/237/72 3.29
 4. San Antonio Spurs San Antonio Spurs logo 5/148/45 3.29
 5. Chicago Bulls Chicago Bulls logo 6/168/52 3.23
 6. Miami Heat Miami Heat logo 3/90/30 3.00
 7. Golden State Warriors Golden State Warriors logo 4/108/47 2.30
 8. New York Nets* New York Nets logo 2/19/9 2.11
 9. Detroit Pistons Detroit Pistons logo 3/81/61 1.33
 10. Philadelphia Warriors* Philadelphia Warriors logo 2/19/16 1.19

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