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The Donovan Index identifies the most successful franchises in individual sports.

Football Top 10: (By DI score for teams with at least two Super Bowl/NFL/AFL/AAFC championships.)

Team Logo CPS Score
 1. Baltimore Ravens Baltimore Ravens logo 2/63/22 2.86
 2. New England Patriots New England Patriots logo 5/159/58 2.74
 3. Dallas Cowboys Dallas Cowboys logo 5/140/58 2.41
 4. Pittsburgh Steelers Pittsburgh Steelers logo 6/172/75 2.29
 5. Green Bay Packers Green Bay Packers logo 13/215/97 2.22
 6. San Francisco 49ers San Francisco 49ers logo 5/140/72 1.94
 7. New York Giants New York Giants logo 8/165/94 1.76
 8. Cleveland Browns* Cleveland Browns logo 8/82/50 1.64
 10. Baltimore Colts* Baltimore Colts logo 3/50/31 1.61
 9. Denver Broncos Denver Broncos logo 3/92/58 1.59

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