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The Donovan Index identifies the most successful franchises in individual sports.

Hockey Top 10: (By DI score for teams with at least two Stanley Cup/WHA championships.)

Team Logo CPS Score
 1. Houston Aeros* Houston Aeros logo 2/26/6 4.33
 2. Pittsburgh Penguins Pittsburgh Penguins logo 5/133/50 2.66
 3. Colorado Avalanche Colorado Avalanche logo 2/56/22 2.55
 4. Montreal Canadiens Montreal Canadiens logo 24/263/107 2.46
 5. New Jersey Devils New Jersey Devils logo 3/84/35 2.40
 6. Edmonton Oilers Edmonton Oilers logo 5/105/45 2.33
 7. New York Islanders (LI)* New York Islanders logo 4/84/43 1.95
 8. Detroit Red Wings Detroit Red Wings logo 11/158/85 1.86
 9. Ottawa Senators* Ottawa Senators logo 5/37/23 1.61
 10. Quebec Bulldogs* Quebec Bulldogs logo 2/10/8 1.25

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