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Frequently asked questions

  • Why are Brooklyn and Long Island separated from New York City?
  • The Index relies on the concept of identity. Brooklyn and Long Island have distinct identities within the megalopolis that is New York City. Anaheim is distinguished from Los Angeles for the same reason.
  • Shouldn't where a team plays its games define its identity?
  • No. The Packers played games in Milwaukee, but they were still Green Bay's team. The Jets and Giants play in New Jersey, but unlike the Devils, they belong to New York. Stadium location does not determine a team's identity.
  • Why isn't soccer included in the Index?
  • This is an index of major professional sports. Including soccer puts us on a slippery slope that leads to roller derby and competitive eating.
  • Have you ever thought about extending the Index to include college sports?
  • Yes, many times, and each time accompanied by the recollection that I have a job. Perhaps in my retirement!
  • What about the USFL and CFL?
  • I loved the USFL...Jim Mora and the Phillie Stars. But it left no legacy of surviving teams, so I had to draw a line. As for the CFL, the Index is American-centric, focusing only on leagues that Americans care about. And yes, that makes me an ugly American.

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